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NEW!  Sign Up for now for Anxiety CBT Training in NYC, May 28-May 29!!!!

The REACH Institute will be holding Anxiety CBT Training led by Thomas H. Ollendick, PhD.  Join this two-day in-person training , followed by a full-year of twice-monthly conference calls with your fellow trainees and our nationally expert trainers.  Class size is limited to 25 students.  Please call or email program manager Katherine Lee to sign up or get more information at or (212) 947-7322 ext. 227.

To download more information on the content and focus of the Anxiety CBT training and other REACH Institute psychotherapy trainings, click here.

Child and Adolescent Training Institute in Evidence-based Psychotherapies (CATIE)


The REACH Institute has partnered with leading clinicians and treatment researchers (selected members of a group known as the Integrated Psychotherapy Consortium) to offer Child and Adolescent Training Institute in Evidence-based Psychotherapies (CATIE).  We train child mental health clinicians in brief, evidence-based treatment interventions.  Each training covers one common disorder area:

  • ADHD/Disruptive Disorders
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • PTSD  

and utilizes proven, evidence-based treatment methods (Cognitive-Behavior Therapy, Behavior Therapy, and other forms of treatments).  Participants receive manuals that have clear, easy-to-follow instructions as well as strategies for dealing with complex and co-morbid cases.  This is an excellent opportunity for child clinicians to upgrade or learn new skills and interventions.


Specific Interventions

We train clinicians in the latest evidence-based treatment techniques found to be effective with children, adolescents and their families.

The four treatments and their accompanying manuals consist of brief, 8 to 12 session interventions that are designed to be flexible, and easily adaptable to a variety of clinical situations.  Assessment strategies are reviewed to help clinicians gauge clients’ suitability for specific interventions.  Each of the four psychotherapy interventions emphasizes key skills such as coping strategies, problem solving, parenting, family communication, and cognitive restructuring, among others.

To download more information on the content and focus each of the psychotherapy training manuals, click here.



Many clinicians understand the need to learn the latest evidence based practices, but are frustrated by one time workshops in which new skills and techniques are reviewed, but long term practice and acquisition fall short.  Our model insures active learning and processing of the new skills through bi-weekly clinical consultation calls with nationally known experts.  Clinicians slowly gain proficiency as they explore application of these new intervention skills  with complex cases.


  • Training takes place during a two day workshop, with extensive role-plays and feedback. Phone consultation on cases for 12 months (twice monthly) via toll-free conference calls with nationally known expert consultants and treatment developers facilitates learning and implementation.
  • Training certificates are granted to clinicians who complete full training (face-to-face training and follow-up consultation calls).

Partial of full training scholarships for agencies or individuals unable to bear the full costs of training can be provided, subject to availability of REACH funds.

For more information about costs and opportunities for CATIE training of clinicians in your location, contact the CATIE Psychotherapy coordinator, Katherine Lee, at or by phone at (212) 947-7322.

CATIE Psychotherapy Faculty

(all members of the Integrated Psychotherapy Consortium)

Bruce Chorpita, PhD, University of Hawaii

John F. Curry, PhD, Duke University

Eliot Goldman, PhD, REACH Institute

Christopher Layne, PhD, UCLA

John Lochman, PhD, University of Alabama

Mary McKay, PhD, Mt. Sinai School of Medicine

Tom Ollendick, PhD, Virginia Tech University

Ron Rapee, PhD, Macquarie University

William Saltzman, PhD, Cal State Univ, Long Beach

Wendy Silverman, PhD, Florida International University

Kevin Stark, PhD, University of Texas, Austin

Karen Wells, PhD, Duke University



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